A dedicated IP address is a unique numeric identifier on the Internet which is assigned to a device or a website. Shared hosting servers usually have a number of websites under a single IP, while dedicated ones use their own IPs which are not shared with others. Even when you use a regular shared account, however, you will be able to acquire a dedicated IP address that will be in use only by your sites - one or a few. Considering that this can contribute to the speed of thewebsite, it's more likely that the site will get better search engine result rankings. Certainly, this is not the sole factor, but it is likely to help you get more website visitors and prospective customers. The dedicated IP is also necessary when you would like to encode the information exchanged between the site and its visitors using an SSL certificate.

Dedicated IP Address in Website Hosting

If you use any of our website hosting plans, you will be able to add a dedicated IP address to your account with ease and assign it to a domain or subdomain with just a few clicks. This is valid no matter which data center you've picked for your account throughout the registration process, thus you are able to take full advantage of this feature in our US, UK and AU facilities. In this way, you can have a dedicated IP for an electronic commerce site, for instance, whereas a forum attached to it can use the server's shared IP because you can adjust each domain or subdomain separately through the Hosted Domains area of your Hepsia Control Panel. If you need a dedicated IP for an SSL certificate and you acquire the SSL from our company, you'll be able to use the auto-configuration instrument, that will assign an IP and install the SSL automatically for the site where you wish to use them.

Dedicated IP Address in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you have a semi-dedicated server account, adding your new dedicated IP takes only a few clicks. Our Hepsia Control Panel is very easy and intuitive to use, so even when you haven't had a website hosting account before, you will not encounter any difficulties to obtain and assign a dedicated IP. Every domain or subdomain in the account can use its own IP other than the server's shared one and you can make this change from the Hosted Domains section, where you can also find all IPs that your websites can use and if a dedicated IP is free or you're already using it. If you need an IP for an SSL certificate, we have an SSL order tool through which you can select everything to be installed automatically. When you use this feature, our system will change the IP of the desired domain/subdomain to a dedicated one and it'll install the certificate within a matter of minutes, so you won't have to do anything on your end except for authorizing the SSL request through electronic mail.

Dedicated IP Address in VPS

If you obtain a virtual private server from our company, you will be given a dedicated IP address by default and an additional one if you get a website hosting Control Panel (Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin). You will be able to use the IP addresses for any purpose - a website, some web app such as a VOIP server, even for private name servers that you'll be able to use to point to your VPS any domain name which you want to host. You can also add extra dedicated IPs to the VPS account when you need them. This can be done via the billing Control Panel that you will obtain to manage renewals, upgrades and domain name registrations and it will take only a few clicks. Soon after you send your order, the extra IP addresses will be available, so you will be able to use them the way you like.

Dedicated IP Address in Dedicated Hosting

In case you get a dedicated server, you probably plan to run a web application or host a lot of websites, so we supply three dedicated IPs for free with each and every package and you'll be able to use them the way you like - a software server, an SSL certificate, even child name servers for a domain that you have registered here or through another company. The aforementioned option is really useful if you use the dedicated server to host customers' Internet sites as it will give you trustworthiness and anonymity as a hosting company. The server billing Control Panel will enable you to add extra IP addresses as well - the upgrade comes in increments of three and takes just a few clicks in the Upgrades section, which means that you will be able to go ahead and take advantage of the brand new dedicated IP addresses several minutes after you submit your order.